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2 Chicks and A Hotel Handy Man In Room Number Three A Hotel Handy Man 2 Chicks and Room Number Three 2 Chicks in Room Number Three and a Hotel Handy Man

The fact that the lights weren’t working properly, was not really the big problem. June preferred to have them off most of the time anyway, and Penny was hardly ever there. There was the irritating issue of principle: since they had paid for the room at the Sea View Hotel, the lights really should, have been working. It wasn’t such a big deal that the lights weren’t working as they should, June referred to have they switched off anyway. Penny never spent any time in the room and was out with a different man every night. It was just the principle of the matter. They had paid in advance for the room, so the lights should work. The light is the room weren’t working as they should be and there was basically no electricity. But June didn’t really care, she preferred staying in the dark. Penny was never there anyway, she was always out with along succession of different men. But the principle was they had paid in advance for the hotel room, so the electricit! y should work.

June was never going to get around to complaining at reception, and Penelope, to put it frankly, just had too many men to see. The girls had been “best friends” since high school, and had co-incidentally both recently; and aggressively, severed their relationships with their boyfriends. Thinking she wouldn’t get around to complaining at the reception of the Sea View hotel, June just got on with her thoughts. Penny and she had been best friends for a long time, since high school and they were both in the same boat. They had recently and rather aggressively broken up with their boyfriends. She never got around to complaining, she wanted to be left alone with her thoughts in the sea view hotel. She and Penny were best friends, had been since high school, both has also aggressively broken up with long standing boyfriends too.

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They mutually decided to visit the coast together. Emotionally though; they responded differently: June just wanted to stay in their shared room and sulk, while Penny was forever out on the town. June and Penny had got together to spend some time at the coast, although they were in different emotional spaces at the time. Penny was forever out and June spent her time sulking in their shared room. Spending time together at the coast Penny and June believed would do them both good. While it was working for Penny, June was emotionally different and they were dealing with this issue each in their own way. Penny was going out and getting fucked every night, June was sulking in the room.

Physically, Penny was a person with a lot of energy: a retaliator, slim and trim – with a really “tight arse” but June possessed a different metabolism: she was a little bit plump in a fresh, puppy kind of way, and to put it bluntly; she had the most incredibly huge tits. They were not only emotionally different, they were physically different too. Penny was a fighter with a huge store of nervous energy; built slim, with a really tight arse. June was different, plum in a puppy fat kind of way, but with fantastically large tits. They were as physically different as they were emotionally, June was a little plump, more inclined to run to fat, and she had a massive pair of tits. Penny was lithe and slim, a fighter who lived on nervous energy and had a really tight ass.

On the third early morning of their awkward stay, and the third morning of Penny’s late home arrival; she descended the stairs in a huff, complaining that she “can’t even make tea”. On the third day, after another of Penny’s early morning arrivals, she went down stairs in search of electrical repairs, as she couldn’t even make a cup of tea. Another day without electricity and another early morning return to the room by Penny brought matters to a head. She couldn’t even make a cup of tea, so went to complain.

Jack, the hotel handyman was promptly called out of the hotel bar and sternly ordered by the manager to get to work. Penny felt his eyes all over that tight arse of hers as he followed her up the stairs to room number 3. The Hotel handyman, Jack, was abruptly called out of the bar and ordered to earn his keep. Penny felt his eyes on her tight ass as she ascended the stairs. Up they went to room number 3. Jack, the hotel handyman was perfunctorily ordered from the bar of the Sea View Hotel to do his job. Following Penny up the stairs to room number 3, he was watching her tight ass with appreciation and she knew it.

Just before she was about to lose her temper with him, she noticed the number “3” on her room door, and the idea (threesome) came to mind – this was the solution to her morbid friend June’s sulking! She was about to lose her temper with him for staring at her ass, when she caught sight of the room number, 3. That was it and idea sparked for getting June to come out and play, this was the solution. She was about to tell him to keep his lecherous eyes to himself when she saw the room number “3” and had a bright idea. That’s what June needs, a threesome!

Being the bold young woman she was, she had no qualms about immediately pining Jack up against the wall and kissing him hard with her tongue deep into his mouth. Jack was astounded, to say the least, but not about to complain, so he participated willingly.“Do you like that arse that you’ve been staring at all the way up the stairs?” “Yes.” He answered, surprisingly plainly. “Do you want to fuck it?” She asked,“Ok”, he replied, still plainly surprised. “On condition that you do my friend too”, Penny, being a really bold young chick, saw Jack into the dark room and pinned him to the wall, working her body against him, kissing and trusting her tongue deep into his mouth. To say he was surprised in an understatement, but not being the type to miss out on an opportunity when it came his way, Jack played along. Penny whispered, “do you like my tight ass?” and placed his hands on it. Jack nodded “yes”. “How would you like to fuck it?, “Sure”, he replied. “OK then but I want you to fuck me and my friend.” Being a pretty aggressive little girl, as they entered the room, she pinned Jack against the wall, grinding herself against him and thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth while she kissed him. Not being the kind to be shocked nor pass up on an opportunity when presented to h! im on a silver platter, Jack responded. Pressing her closer into him, with his hands on her tight little ass! Penny whispered, “you like my ass?”, he nodded in response. She said “you want to fuck it”, he responded in the affirmative again. Taking the opening Penny said “good, but I want to fuck me and my friend”, Jack couldn’t believe his luck!

Jack needed to say nothing, his broad smile told it all. Leading him by the hand through the dark room with only the moonlight from the window to distinguish one shadow from the next, she whispered, “June darling, look what I found, do you want to fuck it with me?” He didn’t reply, not to look a gift horse in the mouth, he just nodded and, as she led him through the moonlit yet dark room toward June, she called, “Junie, wakey, wakey baby, look what I brought home to fuck”. He looked at June and nodded his assent, not being big with words. Penny led hi through the darkened room to June, “hey June” she said, “I have brought us a present, we are both going to fuck it”…….

Chicks In Hotel Rooms

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